Comenius Pedagogical Library

Comenius Pedagogical Library (PL) is a specialised public library located in Jeruzalémská 12, Praha 1.

The beginnings of the library are closely linked with the modern history of the independent Czechoslovak state. It came into existence in 1919 as a part of Czechoslovak Comenius Pedagogical Institute. Its main aim back then was to „contribute to the study of pedagogy and Czechoslovak education“ by gaining „book and journal literature suitable for studying pedagogy and its auxiliary sciences, with special regard to school reform“. Strong emphasis had been laid on gaining modern pedagogical literature concerning school reform, and this aspect has been in the library’s focus till today.

The library gathers books and journals dealing with pedagogy and related fields of social sciences. Its stocks are comprised of some 500 thousand volumes containing books, journals, electronical documents and maps among other things. Journals and books from historical collections are only lent on the premises.

Under the law 257/2001 Col. on libraries and the provision of public library and information services PL is a professional library specialising in education and schooling. In accord with this law it is responsible for conservation and provides public information services to users from all over the Czech Republic. It serves as a central library for pedagogy and education in the Czech Republic, counselling centre for libraries focused on pedagogy and for libraries and information centres in primary and secondary schools.

Comenius Pedagogical Library is a branch of The National Pedagogical Museum and Library of J. A. Comenius, Valdštejnská 20, Praha 1 – Malá Strana

Special collections:

  • textbooks for primary and secondary schools since the 19th century
  • teaching programmes and plans
  • teaching documents for faculties of education
  • pedagogical journals since the 1830s
  • children’s literature since the late 18th century in the Suk study library of literature for youth
  • Comeniological literature

Databases and catalogues:

  • book stock and stock of periodicals
  • book stock of the Suk study library of literature for youth
  • pedagogical bibliographical database – bibliographical entries with abstracts from Czech and foreign professional journals, including entries from Comeniological literature from Czech and foreign journals, and papers gathered in almanacs
  • special catalogues of textbooks, higher education teaching texts, teaching programmes and plans


  • loans
  • reprography
  • information and professional consultations on literature
  • searches
  • Internet in study rooms for registered borrowers

Information on all the stock and services is provided in PL’s loan department and study rooms

Opening hours of the loan department and study rooms:

Monday – Friday    9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

PL’s services are focused above all on the field of education and schooling. They are provided in the library’s loan department and study rooms.

Readers’ rights and duties are enshrined in PL’s Library rules and regulations.

Every person who uses any service of the library or finds himself/herself on its premises is considered library’s customer.

The one who had registered himself and received borrower’s booklet (with one-year or one-week validity) on the ground of his/her application, is considered a registered borrower.

Services provided to registered borrowers:

  • Loan services – check-out loans including out-of-town loan services

Other services:

  • Reprographic services
  • Searches
  • Information services