Exhibitions to lease

List of exhibitions to lease:

Education for all. Legacy of J. A. Comenius

The exhibition presents the life story of J. A. Comenius, acquaints with Comenius’ ground-breaking work, his textbooks with modern validity, philosophical legacy, and the reflection of Comenius in the arts. The exhibition also introduces a selection of ideas and thoughts from Comenius’ works which have been valid up to now.

The fascinating Labyrinth of the World and Paradise of the Heart in collages by Miroslav Huptych

Presentation of collages by a foremost Czech artist inspired by Comenius’ most frequently translated book

Education of Romanies in the Czech Republic in a historical context

The core of the exhibition is a presentation of programmes submitted by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports to support the Roma community and Roma students studying at secondary and tertiary technical schools: description of projects qualifying for state subsidies and numbers of students using them, panels introducing schools operating in socially excluded localities and schools working on the ground of inclusive education. All information is placed toward a historical context. Also presented is the history of special education in the Czech Republic and lesser-known projects from the 1950s and 1960s aimed at improving conditions for Roma population’s education.

The Hodonín Camp. An intersection point of tragic fates 1940 – 1950

The history of a former camp in Hodonín (the Blansko district) is described. Between 1940 – 1950 it successively served as a penal camp, Gypsy camp, camp for the internment of old and ill Germans incapable of expulsion, and finally as a labour camp for political prisoners of the communist regime. Presented are individual historical epochs and also plans for the future Memorial.

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