About us

The National Pedagogical Museum and Library of J. A. Comenius ranks among the oldest museums in the Czech Republic (established in 1892).

It is a significant research centre with nation-wide coverage focused on the history of Czech schooling, pedagogy, teachers and scholarship in a link to the life, work and legacy of John Amos Comenius (in Czech Jan Amos Komenský); it also devotes itself to documenting the above mentioned disciplines. It is the only Czech pedagogical museum which follows  the history of schools, teachers and scholarship in a comprehensive manner.

The museum acquaints with present-day education in the historical context and helps to build the prestige of Czech education and its workers in the eyes of both Czech and foreign general public. At the same time it lays emphasis on a historical role of students and educators in the process of education. This theme is reflected especially in a permanent interactive exhibition entitled “Legacy of J. A. Comenius, Traditions and challenges of Czech scholarship to Europe”.

The museum came into being in 1892 as a result of Czech teachers’ efforts to preserve and document historical traditions of Czech education and pedagogy. It ranks among the oldest museums in the Czech Republic. Since 1991 it has been administered by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. In 1996 it found a new location in historical buildings dating back to the 14th century: The Golden Sun and The Golden Ship houses.

The collections are comprised of library items specialised in the development of Czech education in the European context, of an archive of written documents by classical authors in the field of pedagogy (including the so-called Slavín), a photo-archive and a collection of precious teaching aids including school pictures, graphic sheets, artistic prints and maps.

The Přemysl Pitter and Olga Fierz Archive forms an inseparable part of the museum.