Přemysl Pitter

In the years 1945-1947 Přemysl Pitter and his colleagues initiated and managed the rescue operation The Castles for children from Nazi concentration camps and the Czechoslovak internment camps. In the castles near Prague (Olešovice, Kamenice, Štiřín, Lojkovice, Ládví) was found shelter for children of dead Jews or exiled Germans. These shelters were sanatoriums, where children got health and social care. The most of rescued children were aged 3-14 years. In the context of the post-war period, it was extraordinary that German children were brought up together with Jewish, Polish, Slovak and Subcarpathian Russia children. Pitter with his co-workers mediated the connection of children with their parents or relatives. The rescue operation The Castles ended in 1947. Within two years, 810 children were rescued.