Prehistoric, to the board! How prehistoric man found his way to the schools


The new exhibition from 7 October 2022 in National Pedagogical Musem!

The exhibition presents the history of teaching about our earliest history. It can be found in the ground floor of the museum, including the historic cellar, where the only mammoth hunters' cave in the Mala Strana in Prague is located.

With the help of period school pictures, textbooks, school tools, as well as real archaeological finds, the exhibition traces the development of the teaching material in its entirety. From the time when the history of the development of the Earth and man was associated with the dogmas taught in biblical history, through the subtle introduction of this material into teaching through geology and natural history, to the full inclusion of the study of prehistory in the history curriculum. Experimental archaeology was an integral part of the pedagogical activities, which enriched both school and extracurricular activities, and whose inclusion in the curriculum was especially sought by the writer and teacher Eduard Štorch. A significant part of the exhibition is dedicated to his legacy, including the manuscript of the book „Bronze Treasure“ and many of the archaeological finds he made with his students.

You can try your hand at grinding grain on a grain mill, Eduard Štorch's fireworks, playing a replica drum and, of course, we have also prepared an educational programme for schools.

The exhibition is open from 7 October 2022 to 3 September 2023.